Service List

A general idea of the work we do and services we provide 

  • "Domino Towing": We work closely with and sometimes through Joseph C.Domino, Inc (Domino Towing) and our boats are commonly known around the New Orleans Harbor as "Domino Boats", a leader in the marine towing industry for over 60 years.

  • Ship side delivery: Working for major barge lines, we deliver barges to and from ships. Barges are picked   up from their respective fleets and delivered to  the designated ship at one of the New Orleans area wharfs, or at one of the anchorages.

  • Locking Assist: We specialize in tripping large tows through all the New Orleans area locks (Industrial, Harvey and Algiers) for all the major barge lines.

  • Red Flag Tows: We are number one when it comes to safety, experience and awareness in handling red flagged tows. Our continuous chemical awareness training and knowledge of local refineries as well as out of state refineries, make us number one in seeing that your product is transported in the safest way possible.

  • Fleeting assist: New Orleans area fleet operators know who to call when they are overwhelmed and in need of assistance. We are the number one choice of fleets as our crews are knowledgable of all local fleets and their fleeting procedures. Fleet dispatchers are very familiar with our vessels and trust our vessels to care for their fleets as it were their own fleet boats.

  • High River Assist: We're number one when high water assistance is needed. Experience is the key. Experience is vital. Weather you're heading up river or down river, you want someone who knows the ins and outs. That someone is us. Our pilots know this Mississippi River, and know it well.

  • Construction: Our crews are very experienced in the marine construction trade. We work very close with marine construction companies who utilize our services for the safe movement of their equipment. Be it derricks, crane  barges, material barges, etc.

  • Derrick shift/load outs: We are New Orleans stevedores first choice for moving and handling their huge derricks. Be it spotting shipside for a load out or working with the stevedores as directed, they know when we are on the job, they can take care of business.

  • Line hauling: Have a tow to move from state to state? Our pilots are very well posted on the Lower Mississippi from Vicksburg, Ms. to Venice, La., and from Texas to Florida. Rest easy knowing the routes are well traveled.  

  • Corps of Engineers: Our vessels (and their respective company names) are registered vendors of the Corps of Engineers and approved to work directly with  the C.O.E or through a sub contractor of the C.O.E.

  • Lake Pontchartrain/Lake Borgne: Looking to move product into or across one of these tricky areas to location, or to one of the connecting rivers or bayous of these lakes? Call us, we're well up to date, after all, the Greater New Orleans area is our area. No one knows it better.

  • Large structures/ Rigs/ Vessels: Oversized structures, Rigs, Vessels? We'll move it. We pride ourselves in accomplishing what others refuse to do. It's what sets us apart. It's experience.

  • Tail Boat Assist: Call us for that tail boat assist you need. We've done it countless times and that River Pilot you have onboard your vessel is very familiar with our crews and our vessels. Experience, communication and trust makes your journey a safe and efficient one.

  • And so much more. Give us a call. We would love to push you around!